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Dear Friends,

A famous quote by Albert Einstein is “The only source of Knowledge is Experience”. This has been proven time and again when we glance at the lives of great personalities of the world, be they artists, scientists, or philosophers. We can observe this in our journey of life, as we gain knowledge each day through our experiences.

This is an institute that is basically meant to tutor young artists and guide them in the right direction. By gaining the requisite skills and applying them to their work, they gain knowledge. Through experience they achieve success. The requirement is that the student should be dedicated and focused on achieving his or her aim. One should also try to gain as much as possible from the Guru or teacher who plays a vital role in shaping the life of the student.

Different persons have their own way of attaining knowledge. They should find the right teacher who can offer proper guidance to suffuse the hunger to gain more knowledge.

KALABHUMI is one such institutewhere we apply our personal experience to help our students to grow in the field of Art. Our aim is to impart maximum knowledge in the shortest possible time. We also co-ordinate with other organizations in certain volunteering activities like summer camps or in holding competitions. We motivate our students and give them the right platform to achieve high social standards.


  • Bettertools like easels, tables and chairs, and drawing-boards
  • Outdoor trips for sketching
  • Highlyqualified & experienced faculty
  • Increased amount of practice and training
  • Useful books related to Fine Arts
  • Mega Annual Art Exhibition
  • Regular visits to Exhibitions
  • Holistic atmosphere
  • Theory notes
  • Stationary

  • We have designed basic and advanced courses for the students so that they can build a sound foundation in art and then progress to higher levels. These can be hobby classes for some, or a career path for others. For the more dedicated and talented student; sky is the limit. We donot just ask you to join us, but to give us the opportunity to prove ourselves by changing the direction of your career for the better.