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It is a matter of great pride that Kalabhumi is being able to make a small contribution to the culture of our country by nurturing young artists. The Institute has been winning quite a few laurels in the short time that it has been functioning. Managing Director, Mr. Asgar, Ali is a very innovative and dynamic person. He has been advising students about how art can be adopted as a career. He believes that art will play a key role in the careers of students in the near future. Kalabhumi Arts hopes to grow with in the new future.

I find that the way Kalabhumi teaches and promotes Fine Arts is truly impressive. I appreciate the way Asgar Ali is honing the skill of the new generation. Art is not what you see; rather what you make others see. Painting is a self-discovery and every painting is a mirror of the personality and skill of the artist. Mr. Ali has the dual characteristic of being a good teacher and good artist. The faculty imparts the requisite knowledge for enhancing one’s view for a career in art. My good wishes to the Institute. May it flourish and grow and achieve all the goals it has set.

Honourable Padma Shree Artist Sayeed Haider Raza

Congratulations on your new venture. I'm sure that Kalabhumi Arts will be a great success. Achieve new heights like mountain. I am an artist and suggest you that distribute your mind’s creativity with the world. My good blessings are always with Kalabhumi Arts.

Honorable Padma Vibhushan Artist Satish Gujral

Congratulations for your fabulous victory. You deserve its every bit. Kalabhumi aims for the star. I am so proud of Kalabhumi Arts for setting its sight high, and making every effort to achieve that goal. You worked hard and proved yourself. My best wishes are always with Kalabhumi Arts.

Honorable Paresh Maity Padmas Shri Artist Paresh Maity

Congratulations, on Kalabhumi Arts union progress! Today every eye is focused on you! Kalabhumi Arts managing director Mr. Asgar Ali doing his work with dedication, talent and abilities. He works on bringing out hidden ability of each and every student. Kalabhumi plays a true role in the field of art.

Chairman, Lalit Kala Akademi Ashok Vajpeyi

Well done! You are long way to make art as fruitful career. This recognition is surely deserved and Kalabhumi Arts provide every student an equal opportunity to spread their wings. You have made us all proud. Keep up the good work.

CEO of Shahnaz Herbals Inc. Padma Shri Artist Shahnaz Husain

My wishes are with Kalabhumi. Be creative, be imaginative and have faith in yourself. Kalabhumi Arts is the platform where everyone can learn good art and can make career in the field of art. I am very happy and excited to say that Kalabhumi works honestly and achieved a lot of good heartfelt wishes. I give good blessing to Kalabhumi to promote art in the world.

Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal

Kalabhumi Arts is a platform where you can earn name, fame and money. There are a few who earn name, fame and money simultaneously. I am very happy to meet with Kalabhumi arts owner Mr. Asgar Ali. He is very dynamic person. Kalabhumi helped and improve every student’s art knowledge through best guidance and teaching. Keep it up my good wishes are always with Kalabhumi. Fly in the sky with your best facilities for all students.

Transport and Rural Development Minister of Delhi Gopal Rai

Be creative, be imaginative and have faith in yourself. I appreciate the good work being carried out by Asgar Ali and Dolly Saini and the faculty of Kalabhumi. I wish them success in their life and in the field of art. I hope Kalabhumi continues to thrive and grow. Make your art a gift of inspiration and help others to thrive in this field as well. Every child is an artist and it is up to the child to make a name for oneself in this field. I hope Kalabhumi plays the role of a guiding light to these children

Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi - Shiela Dixit

I am so grateful for my time at the Kalabhumi Congratulations on your Progress! May you continue to provide for the world the model for excellence in the fine art field in Painting, Sculpture, and Fashion Sketching It has been a pleasure to be related to the Institute especially more recently as a contributing visitor to the Institute I hope the program will continue for another every year. Kalabhumi gave a big platform to all art students and upcoming artist

Honorable Padma Bhushan & Padma Shri sculpture Artist Ram V. Sutar

An Opportunity to see live and Beautiful painting at Anant ki or Art Exhibition held by Kalabhumi Varying from women issue, environment & beauty happiness. An opportunity to showcase talent of student art in different medium and techniques like oil painting, sketching, portraits, Acrylic Colour Painting, Creative Art Drawing, Human Life, Charcoal Painting & many more...It gave a new height to all students. Well done Kalabhumi Arts!!

Dr. Hanif Qureshi (IPS) Police Commissioner of Faridabad

Great Job done by Kalabhumi Institute & the artist for art student. It’s doing fabulous work in the field of art. It giving to student an amuse platform for showcase their talent of art in the world. Kalabhumi is the best art institute in India who work for all kids’ adults and senior citizens. My best regard and wishes are always with Kalabhumi founder Asgar and all artist team of Kalabhumi.... All the very best Kalabhumi

Dr. Shameem qureshi wife of Dr. Hanif Qureshi

I Rajiv Lochan (Director of National Gallery of Modern Art) impressed by the Infrastructure, latest tools of education in the campus set up by the Kalabhumi Institute of Fine art for Art course. I wish the Kalabhumi grows further the centre of excellence, becomes a model for all others to follow. A great creation and inspiration...God Bless you for your bright Future.

Rajiv Lochan (Director of National Gallery of Modern Art

This is an excellent campus to nurture young minds in the art Career Kalabhumi is growing the new heights. they are providing better facilities than even governmental institutes in every aspect of academic activities in Fine Art and they have been successful in maintaining and providing best art Facilities so much discipline among the students which is essential for their all round development. I wish again a better future for their institute.

Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung

For the Build world art Kalabhumi arts held a counselling session in paramount school Dwarka, Delhi on 2015. Around 200 students participated in this counselling. Kalabhumi Owner Mr. Asgar Ali and his faculty gave knowledge about students about art and art related career field. Who’s interested in art field asked many question related his hobby and aims. Kalabhumi gave answers very simply and guided him very honestly. Principal of Delhi international school gave a thanks to Kalabhumi for organised a counselling session in her school

Paramount School Dwarka, Delhi

Kalabhumi Arts organizing an enriching and educating workshop in Delhi international school on 24th August 2015. In this school Kalabhumi owner Mr. Asgar Ali gave live demonstration in acrylic colour. Kalabhumi told about the various courses that play a vital role in career development. The Principal of Delhi international school Rashmi Malik are very happy she gave thanks to Kalabhumi.

Delhi International School, Dwarka

Managing Director of Kalabhumi Institute of Fine Arts held a counselling session at S.K.V. No-1, Sagar Pur, on 27th August, 2015. Around 160 Students of class 12th participated in the session. The main topics covered included various career options and vocational courses. The talk was interesting and effective. We wish him all the best.

Principal, Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya No-1

Principal - Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School

Managing Director of Kalabhumi Institute of Fine Arts, Mr. Ali, held a counselling session at Shiksha Bharati Public School, Sec-7, Dwarka, on 10th Dec, 2009. Around 200 students participated in the session and learned a lot of new things. Mr. Ali is an innovative and creative person, and his counselling session was very effective. We wish him all the best.

Vice Principal – Shiksha Bharati Public School

A fine arts counselling session was held for 2hours at G.G.S.S.S Shahbad Mohammed pur, New Delhi, by Mr. Asgar Ali, Managing Director of Kalabhumi, on 31st Oct, 2009.Around 50 students of class 12th participated. He informed them about career options available after the 12th standard. He also informed them about other vocational courses as career options. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar delivered a lecture on personality development that proved very helpful to the students. We wish them all the best.

Vice Principal, Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School

Mr. Asgar Ali helped the teachers of the school to conduct pot painting & block painting activities at the Hobby Classes held from 1st May to17th May 2008. Around 75 students participated in these classes. Under his guidance, students learnt a lot of interesting things. He taught them colour combinations, various designs and techniques and different forms of paintings. All the teachers and students were very impressed by him.

Vice Principal, Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School

Mr. Asgar Ali held a painting competition in Govt. Girl Se. Sec. School Bijwasan, Barthal, on 5th Feb, 2008. Around 200 students participated in the competition and the winners were given prizes. He also gave an interesting lecture on art and artists. We wish him all success in life.

Vice Principal, Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School